Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped, hollow cap that fits over the entire visible part of the tooth. A crown is used when a tooth is cracked, broken, worn-down, or weakened and needs support. A crown also fits over a tooth after a root canal. Dental crowns can be made of different materials, including porcelain, gold, or zirconia. Metal crowns can be made of stainless steel or gold.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a restoration used to “bridge” the gap from a missing tooth or teeth. Dental bridges consist of a pontic (false tooth) and crowns on either side of the gap. A dental bridge can be attached permanently by implanting the crowns, or they can be removable and attached by clasps that fit around the remaining teeth.

There are several types of dental bridges, but the most common type is the fixed bridge. Fixed bridges consist of a custom bridge that fits over the gap. The bridge is permanently cemented into place and can only be removed by a dentist. Fixed bridges are very durable and can last for many years without needing replacement.

Are dental crowns and bridges painful?

Though dental crowns and bridges are cemented in the mouth, they’re not usually painful. The dental adhesive can be sensitive, but you shouldn’t experience pain. The sensitivity dissipates within a few days. Your sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks will remain since the restorations aren’t impervious to heat or cold.

Are dental crowns and bridges safe?

Yes, both dental crowns and bridges are safe. They are made from dental porcelain, which is biocompatible. This means that your body will not reject dental restoration. Since dental crowns and bridges are tooth-colored, they look natural. You can laugh, talk, and eat without worrying about your restoration slipping out of place.

While dental crowns and bridges are durable, they’re not indestructible. You should still brush, floss, and rinse as you would normally to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. It’s also important to avoid chewing on hard foods, ice, and other hard substances that could damage your restoration.

How long will my dental crown or bridge last?

If you care for your dental crown or bridge properly, it can last for 10-15 years or longer.
You’ll need to do the following to keep your crown or bridge in optimal condition:

1. Practice good oral hygiene: Brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Floss daily.

2. See your dentist twice a year for regular dental exams and cleanings.

3. Avoid chewing hard foods, such as ice, hard candy, or raw carrots, which can crack your crown or bridge.

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